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Smith is your constraint self, and Blake is your fanatical side. Which one are you ?

Smith is the old school, expected and consistent. He values the fundamentals in life and likes everything to be followed by a set routine. He thinks he should be true to himself. Smith’s comfort zone is to be structured, orderly, organized and hard working. He likes everything detailed and equipped. His goal is always well-defined, so he never misses a step even it takes a long time. Smith looks back and takes inspiration for every step ahead. He is a classic and always up to the mark. Smith is the material, the craft, the basics.

Blake is innovative and his curiosity makes him want to explore new concepts. He likes everything new and energized. Blake is keen to experiment and change things around. Blake is all about new ideas, creative vision, and innovation. Blake will never stop thinking out of the box. Blake is the free spirited, carefree and open to change. He likes to be on the move and lead a life of a doer. He doesn’t really like following any set systems, he wants it all fresh and new. Blake is radical, impulsive and an extremist. Blake is the design, the color, the inspiration, the change.

Smith & Blake: The idea is to fuse these two sides together and find a balance. Their two different personas encounter each other and discover new ways to do things and ultimately push each other forward. They are Smith and Blake, a duo who like to design and innovate with new methods. They love to create new ways of doing things and perfecting the same old ones.

About us - Smith & Blake - laptop bag, office bag, backpack , wallet for men , briefcase , messenger bag , laptop backpack , duffle bags ,corporate gifting idea , gift for men -Choosing the right leatherette is an art. Leatherette comes in many different forms, it can be stiff or soft, smooth or raised grain, different thickness and colours. Smith & Blake uses only top quality leatherette and hardware ensuring long lasting wearability.

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Core Values

At Smith & Blake, we cherish the essence of handcrafted luxury, celebrating the individuality woven into every product. Behind each creation lies a narrative, blending the contrasts of life's journey. Our brand inspires discipline, uplifts spirits, and harmonizes aesthetics, guiding you forward with grace and style.


Each Smith & Blake creation embodies meticulous craftsmanship, employing time-honored artisanal leatherworking techniques. From hand-stitching to precision machine work, every detail is carefully crafted to ensure timeless quality, enduring beauty and functionality in every piece we offer.


Selecting the ideal leatherette is an art form. With its diverse array of textures, from smooth to raised grain, and variations in stiffness and color, leatherette offers endless possibilities. At Smith & Blake, we meticulously handpick premium leatherette and hardware for our products, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting quality